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    Same Day Total Hip and Knee Replacement:

    Total hip and knee replacements are among the most successful surgeries in existence.  Patients who undergo these procedures experience significant improvement in function and relief of pain. Over recent years, Orthopaedic Surgeons have improved upon surgical techniques, and our ability to manage pain and postoperative care has advanced tremendously. Because of these measures, we at NYULMC are pleased to offer total joint replacement on an outpatient basis for patients who qualify.

    About 332,000 Americans undergo a total hip replacement each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, principally to treat chronic pain and mobility issues caused by age-related wear and tear, arthritis, fractures, and other conditions. About 720,000 total knee replacements are performed in the US each year. 

    For patients who qualify, surgery would be performed in the morning and would be completed before noon. These patients would then have sufficient time to receive physical therapy and to mobilize before being discharged to their home.  Every patient will leave with some gait aid (cane, walker, crutches) to use during recovery.

    Visiting Nurse Services and home-based physical therapy are arranged before surgery and would begin on the day following the procedure. These would continue intermittently over the next two weeks. Patients have their first postoperative visit with Dr. Lajam at 3-4 weeks after surgery. By 6-8 weeks after surgery, most patients are doing most daily activities independently.

    Our Clinical Care Coordinators work together with patients and caregivers to ensure a smooth transition to home after the procedure.  

    Who is a candidate for this surgery?

    To be considered for this surgery, a person would be:

    • Free of cardiac, pulmonary, or other severe systemic disease,
    • A non-smoker,
    • At a healthy body weight,
    • In a home setting where there is good social support,
    • Willing to work together with our multidisciplinary team before and after surgery.

    Please ask Dr. Lajam and her staff if you are a candidate for same day total joint replacement.